My Second Post – With Food And Vintage

It’s my second post – Yipee!

I thought I may give you a catch up from earlier this Summer, then I think we’ll be up-do-date:

T’other day I was at a boot-sale I don’t often get to. It’s huge but I’m not fond of the pushing that some customers feel is acceptable behaviour – They need a good ticking off, but they’re really big men and I rather like my face as it is, thank you very much!

However, there’s a woman who sells patterns, a lot of patterns, but her numbers are a slip in comparison to mine (I’m not bragging), and sometimes she has some decent vintage patterns. I picked up a bundle of 1930s magazines and sewing patterns from her last year, if you read my old blog you may remember the haul?

Well, my recent haul from her was just in the knitting section – Belts, bed jackets, skirt, comforts for troops, stockings/socks and a waistcoat pattern. I’m thrilled to bits as some of them go for a shocking price online, though mine for for keeps.


Whilst still on the subject of the patterns, some of them have sticky labels on with the price… Does anyone know how to get these off without damaging the paper? They don’t want to come off 😦

We also had a BBQ the other week, Ma got a bargain in the sale, pretty nifty looking thing. So for that dinner we really stuffed ourselves stupid… We had a butterbean & chilli burger in a bun with potato salad, salad (beetroot, carrot, spring onion, lettuce, beet tops & tomato) and mushroom, pepper & onion on sticks.

Who needs meat?!

Who needs meat?!

If that wasn’t enough, it was followed up by a slice of chocolate & pear tart!



That was the first slice… I was so stuffed I had to force down breakfast the next day, but it was worth  it! Eating food fresh for your own garden is the best food experience too.

Haven’t we been having the most wonderful weather here in blighty? I know we’ve had rain and storms, but on the whole, sunshine! If this can last through until September I will be a happy little girlie. Then maybe roll into a golden Autumn and a white-ish Winter – Proper seasons.

Anyway, it feels great to be back. I’m still trying to work out WordPress, but I’ll get there, and then we’ll get blogging properly.

I’ll be back next week, but in the meantime, have a lovely weekend

All the best, Jennie xxx 

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